Shopify vs Magento – Which One Is Better to Choose?

Shopify vs Magento – Which One Is Better to Choose?

Internet have given birth to Ecommerce business with it. Everyday thousands of people sell and purchase different products and services over the internet. Every local business is trying to approach to the more potential customers through launching the ecommerce store. There are several types of Ecommerce store building platforms available in the market. It depends which one you choose to go with. But when it comes to Ecommerce store, there are few brand names everyone love to go with like Shopify, Magento and many others. Here’s questions arises, which one is better to choose for your store? So, I am just going to make this decision easy for you. I am writing this article on Shopify vs Magento, will cover all the pros and cons of both platforms.

Shopify vs Magento - Which One Is Better to Choose

Shopify vs Magento – Which One Is Better to Choose?

There are many ecommerce store platforms available in the market, but here I am going to discuss pros and cons about shopify and magento. So, Shopify vs Magento war starts here.

Basic Introduction of Shopify and Magento

1. Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce web based content management system, is a class leader with it’s awesome features. It’s not just an ecommerce software, It is a complete  ecommerce suite pack that has everything you need to start selling online, on social media, or in person.

2. Magento

Magento empowers thousands of business retailers and brands with the best eCommerce platform and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow.


Shopify is a SaaS platform, which means users have to buy a package according to their needs and have to pay monthly to Shopify for their services. Shopify offers a free trial version of 14 days of any plan you choose and after that you have to pay according to the selected plan that can fulfill your requirements.

It have basic three pricing plans,

  1. Basic $29/month (start your free 14 days trial of Basic plan)
  2. Pro $79/month (start your free 14 days trial of Pro plan)
  3. Advanced Shopify $299/month (start your free 14 days trial of Business plan)

In comparison to Shopify, Magento users have less fees per year for advanced features like shopify advanced plan have.

Shopify also charges for every successful payment made through external payment methods like PayPal and It have different ratio of commission depending on your subscribed plan. It charges 2%, 1% and 0.5% for Basic plan, Pro Plan and Advanced Shopify plan external transcations consecutively.

Shopify offers hosting by the company. You do not need to buy your own hosting for shopify store to start. It’s covered by Shopify.

Magento is a self hosted platform, you need to buy your own hosting and host it on your own hosting server. Good hosting server is very important for a store to perform efficiently. It can affect a number of factors like page loading speed, storage and maximum products that can be listed.

Magento have two pricing options,

  1. Community Edition Free
  2. Enterprise Edition $4 to $100/month

Community edition is a fit match for small businesses and entrepreneurs, while enterprise edition price depends on the store’s needs.

In addition, Magento store also need a good technical skills to manage the store, if you don’t have. You may need a developer that can perform such setup for you. It would cost according to your store setup.


Magento is most commonly used ecommerce platform with 14% of top sites while Shopify have 6% sites.

According to Google trends, Magento started to be most common and popular before Shopify could, but now trends took a turn now and growing in the favor of Shopify.


Magento is an open source PHP based software which means it is freely available and can be modified as per requirements which need very strong technical and coding skills to manage your store.

Shopify is a SaaS software which have every coding line behind your back. You do not need any coding skills to manage it. This makes Shopify an ideal store solution for every non-technical user.

User Experience

Most of the people tend to use Shopify for just it’s easy to setup interface, making it preferred for non-developers. It’s very easy to start as you sign-up you’re good to start a really nice store. It includes all the store building tools in house. It also have thousands plugins that can be used to store enhancements.

Magento’s new version called Magento 2 also comes with a new admin panel that improved it’s easeness and made it user friendly. It also supports an admin to manage it’s store without much technical skills. Magento is good for complex and large stores where you need many customization and other advanced features, whereas Shopify is perfectly easy jump to just start a new small store.


When it comes to an ecommerce store, checkout page is very important. Magento checkout page is really great with it’s one click account creation out and two click checkout features that just make it’s checkout super easy and fast.

Shopify also have nice distraction free checkout page with one page responsive checkout. What’s not good in Shopify’s checkout page, it doesn’t show real time shipping cost which might affect shipping cost.


It’s really not easy to say which one is better and which you should choose. It depends on which requirements you have for your store, skills and budget.

If you want to setup a really quick store, Shopify is an easy to start for non-developers and it charges heavy costs for it’s services, whereas if you’re good with technical and coding skills, Magento is the best option for you to go with.

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