How to Start a Successful Blog?

Learn all about how to start a successful blog online.

Blogging means to share informational resources and discuss about different things over the internet. It’s a great way to convey information to the others and share opinions with each other. People who share these information and different resources over the internet or world wide web are called bloggers. Being blogger is a very trendy passion that every other person have. So, what’s so special in being a blogger that every one wants to? Basically blogging means being your own boss by sharing informative stuff about your passion and interest and earning really handsome amount of cash. So, how to start a successful blog?

Every one wants to create a blog and wish to earn enough money through blogging by working just few days. This is the reason why most of the bloggers fail as blogging needs consistent hard work and patience to get the result. It takes time.

On the other hand some people work hard but still they do not get the results they want. It’s because there are many factors which make their blog fail to generate results. So, here I am sharing how to start a successful blog that will make your blog hero from zero. Just keep in mind the factors that I discuss here and try to adopt these steps to make your blog super successful.How to Start a Successful Blog?

So, how to start a successful blog?

There are number of things you need to pay attention to before you start a blog. As you spend your time to it, make sure you work in the right way.

Important Points to Remember

  1. Blog Niche (how to choose a blog niche?)
  2. Domain Name & Hosting (how to choose a domain name?)
  3. Blogging Platform & Blog Design
  4. Plugins & Addons
  5. Blog Content
  6. Webmaster Tools (submit blog to webmaster tools)

1. Blog Niche (how to choose a blog niche?)

Before you start a blog, this is the most important step you need to follow. Your whole blog success depends on it. So, how to choose a blog niche? Just pay attention to the following steps.

  • First of all, think about which are the things or interests you’re passionate about. This is very important because if it doesn’t match your interest you will lose your interest in it and fed up working on it which will result in your blog fail. So, think about your passions. Once you find your perfect passion to blog about just write it down on a paper. As you have choosen your interest and ready to blog about it. Before you go, few more things to check about the niche you have choosen.
  • Research and find the perfect keywords in your niche. Most of the blogger just tend to move on without researching on keywords. Must research on your keywords and target the keywords that will benefit your blog and will drive more people to your blog. There are many tools for keyword research in the market. i.e:,

2. Domain Name & Hosting (how to choose a domain name?)

Starting a blog means starting your brand. So, as you start your brand, you need to choose a brand name carefully. There are several factors to keep in mind before buying a domain name.

  • Choosing a domain name is parallel to blog niche. Try choosing a domain name that have your blog’s main keyword in it. Search engines love main keyword domain name.
  • Domain name should be 1 to 3 words long and should be easy to speak and understand.
  • Do not choose a domain name with numeric characters and hyphens in it.
  • Second part is choosing a hosting which will serve your blog faster with no downtime. Check out different popular hosting providers and compare their plans and features and buy accordingly.

Now we have niche ready. We have our domain name and hosting ready. Now it’s time to make blog ready to work on.

3. Blogging Platform & Blog Design

There are many blogging platforms and content management systems that offer blogging services. We have to go with one which have super features.

  • Choose a blogging platform that is common and easy to use and manage.
  • Platform that have huge collection of designs and plugins which can enhance blog’s flexibility. I usually recommend WordPress as it’s completely newbie friendly and have large variety of themes and plugins.
  • After choosing a blogging platform, we have to choose blog theme and design so carefully as it will make first impression to the user. And first impression matters in everything.
  • Choose a simple and clean design that will make easy to to read content and easy to navigate in between other pages. Make it simple and eye catching.
  • Do not choose a design that will make the user feel irritating and which will result the user leaves your blog.
  • Try not to use too much dark colors for a blog as it hurts the eyes and user can’t read a large article.
  • At last make simple simple and clean navigation.

4. Plugins & Addons

Plugins are the tiny tools that enhance blog’s features and make it flexible according to the needs.

  • Install only required plugins that meet your need. Do not overload your blog with different plugins that affects blog’s performance and features.
  • As we are starting a blog, must use a plugin that will optimize your blog posts for search engines.

5. Blog Content

It’s the super important part of starting a blog. This is the main thing about a blog to share a piece of content to the audience.

  • First of all, keep in mind that CONTENT IS THE KING.
  • Write unique and relevant content to your niche.
  • Title of the content should say exactly what it’s all about.
  • Do not use copied content on your website as it will hurt search engines and your blog will get punished by search engines.
  • Write an article and engages your audience and magnetize them to come back again and again to your blog.
  • Content should be to the point and must be the same what a blog post’s title says about it.
  • Use headings and pictures that describe the content more effectively.

6. Webmaster Tools (submit blog to webmaster tools)

Search engines doesn’t know your blog exists until you submit your blog to webmaster tools. To get your blog posts and page indexed by the search engines, you must have to submit it to webmaster tools. This is the thing which most of the bloggers miss and they lose search engine’s traffic. Whenever you make a blog and posts, make sure you submit it to get indexed for search engines.


Each part plays it’s important role to make a blog successful.

  1. Choose niche idea about which you want to start a blog.
  2. Domain name should be similar to your niche keyword.
  3. Easy to use blogging platform and use simple and clean design.
  4. Only install required plugins.
  5. Write unique and engaging content.
  6. Submit to search engines for indexing.

Let’s start now and make your blog super successful. You have learnt how to start a successful blog, it’s time to take an action to make it successful.

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