How to Create a Shopify Store?

There are many ecommerce web based content management systems but shopify is a class leader with it’s awesome features. It’s not just an ecommerce software, It is a complete  ecommerce suite pack that has everything you need to start selling online, on social media, or in person. If you haven’t started ecommerce business yet and want to take a start shopify is the best ecommerce platform for you. Today I’ll show you how to take a start with shopify and how to create a shopify store. It’s very simple.

How to Create a Shopify Store


So, how to create a Shopify store?

Shopify store is very simple to start. You do not need any sort of coding knowledge. It’s complete drag and drop.

Steps to follow:

Here’s how to start a shopify store step by step. Just follow carefully.

Create a Shopify account

  • Shopify have different pricing packages which are billed monthly/yearly as per user’s choice.                                                             
  • You can setup your store by taking 14 days trial to test out whether it works for you or not.Luckily Shopify is giving 14 days trial.
  • Sign up for shopify account and start your free 14 days trial. Simply click on the Get Started button in the top right corner.
  •  If you want to choose a pricing plan instead of trial version, you can choose it.
  • Sign up using your email and password and choose a store name that you want to.
  • As you hit on Create your store button, it’ll take you to the page for basic information like shown below. Just enter as I have done if you’re a beginner. Just select the options and click on Next button. Note: do not tick the checkbox until you’re creating store for your client. 
  • Now you will be asked to enter your name, address and phone number. Just enter it and hit blue button name as Enter my store
  • Once you’re done, you will be redirected to your store dashboard.
  • Welcome to SHOPIFY..!

Now I will show you  basic navigation setting up of the store.

Create Product Collections

Collections are the product categories. Let’s see how create it.

  • As you’re in the Shopify Panel, You can see different options in the left pane of the window. Click on the Products > Collections.
  • Now click on the blue button Create Collection
  • Just enter collection name in the title and basic description of your collection in the description box. Also choose Manual select product in the Product Selection box as I have done in the screenshot below. After putting all the information, just hit Save button in the top right corner.                   
  • In the same way create as much collections as you want to.

Setting up Navigation

Once you’re done with creating all collections, we need to setup navigation to show these collections in the front end of the store.

  • Go to Online Store > Navigation from the left pane of the window.
  • Select a menu from the list you want to use as navigation. I am going to choose Main menu. Just click any of the desired menu.
  • As you select a menu, click on the Add menu item and you will see pop up like below. Just left click in the Link field and it will show up some options. Choose Collections
  • Now you can simply choose any collection from this menu. Add all the collections or just your desired ones that you want to appear in the navigation bar. 
  • As you’re done with adding all the collections in the navigation. We’re done..: )
  • Now let’s see how navigation looks like in the store’s front end.
  • We have completed store’s navigation.

That’s all the basic setup on how to create a shopify store. Follow a complete step by step tutorial on how to start a dropshipping business with Shopify.

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